Sunday, March 21, 2010

Youth Alive 2010

Over the last week the Boardstore skate team has been visiting schools to raise support and get people to come to last weekend's Youth Alive event. The event involves a skate demo, jumping castles, live music and a christian message, in all over 800 kids showed up to the event and about 75 kids made a stand for their faith in Christ. Praise God!

Here are some photos from the guys jumping kids. as well as a photo of getting jumped.


  1. so i follow you blog.. thought i would tell you. did you take these pics? looks cool. is that des?? can morgan and i go skating with you one day?

    hope your well.

  2. thanks, good to know.
    i did take the photos. The top one is des, the other two are Rob.
    Yes. Come skating sometime!