Monday, March 1, 2010

Pure Parks

Kicking off the new year we, One friday, wanted to focus on hearing what God wanted to do in and through us for 2010. The major addition to our ministry goals and plans is a vision we're going to call 'Pure Parks'.
The Pure Parks vision is based on an idea of simply getting the bible into hands and homes to let God move through his word. There have been many times where mass distribution of bibles has lead mass revival (Transforming Nations) and there after a significant positive change from taking on Godly values.
The Pure Parks vision is to see Each and Every skate park in Australia reached with the message of the gospel, involving evangelism and the handing out of bibles. This is no over night vision and task, there are 1,124 skate parks in Australia, and we're planning on having reached each skate park by 2015.
If you would like to be a part of reaching these parks physically, or through donations as we will need to cover costs of travel and giving away roughly 11,000 bibles, please e-mail me.
Also on a personal note, my financial situation is becoming a tight situation. I am put in the position where i could get a job flipping burgers, but it seems silly to pass up on the things God is doing through us as a ministry and individually because of financial reasons. If you would like to support me, that would be very helpful and if you would like to support me long term that would amazing! Please e-mail me about support, or you can send money to either of the addresses listed on the side of this blog. ----->

P.S. Pure Parks website & blog will be coming soon.

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