Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One Friday's Visions

Its been months since i've lasted posted. And quite honestly not much new has been going down here on the sunny coast. We've been active in our skate ministry; skate events, skate church, barbecues and reaching out too local skaters but we here at the skate ministry have our hands-full with quite a few large pending plans and ideas that we are praying into and seeking out. Some of the major projects we're looking into are;

1. Looking for someone with the know how to help us become a 'non-profit organization' to fund the indoor skate park.
2. Looking for a warehouse for and indoor skate park.
3. Looking to open a new boardstore in a mooloolaba (nearby city)
4. Organizing a meeting for all the skate ministries in australia
5. Waiting on a Government grant for a mobile skate ramp.
6. Ideas for an empty shop that we own next to the boardstore

This is what has been on our plate as far as skate ministry goes. We're postponing the building of the mini-ramp in the boardstore as we feel God is challenging us to think and go bigger....
Please pray for God's wisdom and leading on these issues and for God to open opportunities.

All of the staff that work at boardstore and trinity distribution are volunteer, so employees from these businesses are not paid for their work. This is new concept of ministry where we run the business as volunteers and in turn the profit made from the business is used to support other skate ministries and skate shops all across the world, and since we are a skate business/ministry supporting other skate ministries we can do it for cheaper and therefore do more of it.

This concept of ministry depends on its volunteer staff, which is supported and depends on donations from all across the world, which if you're reading this your most likely a supporter. So if you would like to be a part of this ministry by whatever means you have, please do not hesitate. The listed items are in need of direction, so your prayer would be great. If you would like to donate to the skate ministry please either contact me via e-mail ( or donations can be given to Highland CRC or my parents either Don or Linda Ellens.

Thank you for your time and prayers and concerns.

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