Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back To the Sunny Coast

  After we left Mt. Isa we stopped at 5 cities on the way back to the sunshine coast, running a skate competition in each city for a day. The comps went smoothly and we were able to make contacts in cities who want us to come back and do more, with a bigger competitions and more people, which we are planning for later this year. We were also able to hand out bibles to all the skaters we came in contact to, which is an awesome opportunity for God to work through something as simple as handing out a bible. 
  Now I'm back to the sunny coast working in Boardstore and doing skate ministry. Working to get connected with Christian Surfers, in Maroochydore. Things are going well with the ministry. we're a little short handed with other skate ministry guys on outreach but still planning on building a mini-ramp next door to the shop, as a hang out spot for kids. 
Thanks for all the prayer. 
If you would keep the skate ministry/one friday ministry in your prayers that would be awesome.

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